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Infringements report

SAA's landmark study and report addresses one of the stock industry’s most serious issues — copyright infringements in the digital era.

In 2006, SAA conducted an investigative study using PicScout visual-search technology which tracked online use of 20,000 images from the leading stock distributors, Getty Images and Corbis. Over a four month period, PicScout uncovered a high rate of misuse.

In 2007, we issued a white paper report which detailed the Study's findings, estimated the size of the problem, and provided insight into its causes. We recommended specific action steps that photographers and stock distributors need to be taking to address a widespread and growing issue of copyright infringements on (and off) the web.

SAA's initiatives have contributed to both increased awareess and commitment across the licensing community to tracking and pursuing infringers. The problem, however, persists.

Read SAA's white paper report:
Infringements of Stock Images and Lost Revenues