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Are you meta-smart?

If you create, distribute or use digital photos, you’d better be!

To protect your copyrights. To make money licensing photography. To smooth your workflow. To track image use. To find images you need. To find them again. You need to understand and use photo metadata. We can help.


Does this photo have metadata? (click on it and see for yourself)


More than 1000 Learn
at META Events

At ten getMETAsmart events across the United States during 2009, David Riecks and guest presenters taught over 1000 photo professionals how to use metadata to improve their workflows and their bottom lines. We've now held events in Dallas, San Antonio, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta and Minneapolis.


META 101
If the idea of embedding information in your digital files is news to you, start here

META Resources
A guide to metadata standards and best practices for image creators, distributors, users, and developers. more

META Insights
Learn how using standardized metadata can help meet the challenges of protecting, licensing, and archiving digital photos. more

META Tutorials
Step-by-step instructions and screencast tutorials make it easy to embed essential metadata in your digital files using popular software tools. more

What's new in the world of metadata? more

META Survey
Photographers, take a minute to complete our MetaSurvey. The more we know, the better we can help!