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META Tutorials

Step-by-step instructions and screencast tutorials make it easy to embed (and read) essential metadata in your photos.
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How to embed photo metadata

Learn how to add photo metadata, like descriptive and rights information, to your digital image files using popular professional software with some help from our tutorials. You can read them online, download as a PDF, or view many as a screencast / video tutorial.

Tutorials for Adobe Photoshop File Info, Adobe Bridge, Camera Bits Photo Mechanic and Microsoft Expression Media are available now.

If you are curious as to whether your chosen software application supports the IPTC Core, or the older "legacy" form (Information Interchange Model or IIM) of IPTC, check out the list maintained by the IPTC of Software supporting IPTC photo metadata standards IIM and "IPTC Core."

Coming soon.. Adobe Lightroom.