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Copyright Resources

Use these free internet resources to learn more about the value and ease of registering your copyrights.

The U.S Copyright Office is obviously the best source of nuts-and-bolt information about U.S. Copyright Law. On this website, one can download forms, filing information, historical documents and the copyright law itself.  Also on the home page is a link to the Electronic Copyright Office, where photos and other works can be registered online.

The American Society of Media Photographers has published an extensive online resource concerning copyrights. ASMP's "Copyright Tutorial" includes a history of copyrights and much information about copyrighting photographs.  This very thorough tutorial is publicly available at

The Copyright Alliance offers another valuable internet resource. The website of this non-profit educational organization is a good source of up-to-date copyright information.  It also provides research and educational materials.

The Picture Archive Council of America has created extensive online training materials through "The Jane Kinne Copyright Education Program." The Kinne collection includes a "Copyright Education PowerPoint," an education presentation by respected intellectual property attorney Nancy Wolff and PACA's "Copyright Commandments."

Professional Photographers of America offers an in-depth web section about copyrights.  This section includes recent news about copyrights and information about PPA's copyright advocacy efforts.

Stock Artists Alliance
has uploaded extensive information about the Orphan Works issue.  Though the U.S. Congress has yet to pass legislation that would make it easier to use photos and other copyrighted materials when the author is unknown or cannot be found, many observers believe some form of Orphan Works bill will eventually become law.